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Solidifying Our Mission & Forging Ahead!

It has been quite a while since I (Yvonne) have written a blog post for our team. I have been pressing in for months now for the grace but now is the time! Since January, I have been reflecting on what has happened (and is happening). The Lord has had me focus surprisingly on a deeper understanding of times and seasons as well as the power, purpose and function of alignment.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, at the beginning of 2018, I had an open vision of angels with blue-colored sashes blowing trumpets in our city. I had a sense that I had stepped back into Revolutionary War times and that I was standing in a General’s tent where strategies were being forged on how to take the city. Fast-forward to the end of 2018, I was prompted by the Lord to write a book about these key prophetic encounters that have been transpiring over the last 30 years as they have been tied to Awakening, Harvest and City Transformation. The reason—He was about to do it again!

Passover to Pentecost 2019

What you would not have known is that I actually finished the book and sent it off to the publishing company during Passover 2019 (5779). A few days thereafter, I heard the Lord “summon me to Pentecost.” It took me a few more days to realize that the celebration He wanted me to attend was actually being held in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Pentecost 2019
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As We Are At This Crossroad – A Look Back

2017-2018 Crossroad

As we are at this crossroad between 2017 and 2018, we acknowledge our God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s) covenantal love towards us and our great daily need for His Presence, His revelation,  His voice, His grace, His shalom, and His strength. We also extend our gratitude to Chuck Pierce, Global Spheres and Glory of Zion for their apostolic-prophetic-intercessory covering.

We submit afresh to our call to “Worship~Prayer~Outreach” not only to the nations but to our city, our territory and our own nation. We decree and declare that we will obey His Word and Holy Spirit, will walk through the gates and open double door of His promises, and with His help and that of His angel armies, we will do our part to defeat the devil and change the world!

We will continue our mission to bring forth treasures that have been hidden in the darkness!! Continue reading As We Are At This Crossroad – A Look Back

December 2016 – Cherokee Nation Prayer Walk NC/GA- Reversing the Decree!

Cherokee Nation – Murphy, NC & New Echota, GA

Report by Lisa Flynn

Cherokee Removal Act & the Trail of Tears

This past summer I was praying over our state and reading about the Cherokee Removal Act which led to the Trail of Tears. I started to cry. I don’t cry over hardly anything but this came from deep inside me.  I believe my spirit man was picking up that this was something that still grieved the Lord. Continue reading December 2016 – Cherokee Nation Prayer Walk NC/GA- Reversing the Decree!

August 2016 – Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE – Gates, God Stories & Answered Prayer

Gates, God Stories & Answered Prayer

An Invitation

I (Yvonne) was invited by my spiritual sister Susan Napier of First Love Ministries to join her for a Prophetic Conference in Philadelphia at Walk in Light Christian Center where her mom, my spiritual mom Ann Strickland, is an elder. I was both honored and delighted as Susan takes very seriously who she ministers with and Philly is my hometown.

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Haiti & The Center of It All – A New Song Arising!

 A New Song Arising: The Former “Voodoo Capital of the World”,  The Earthquake BUT Now The Spirit of the Lord  & The Beautiful Children of Haiti (“Ayiti”)!

2010 – Rock Slipping Upward under Léogâne ,  “The Voodoo Capital of the World”

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53 PM a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which was soon followed by aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude, left a country in ruins and a people in crisis.


“The earthquake was generated by contractional deformation along the Léogâne fault, a small hidden thrust fault discovered underneath the city of Léogâne. Many geologists contend that the earthquake resulted from the slippage of rock upward across its plane of fracture. Being so close to the epicentre, the city of Léogâne was essentially leveled.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

It was estimated that some three million people were affected by the quake—nearly one-third of the country’s total population. Death toll estimates ranged as high as 316,000, and it has been reported that tens of thousands of children were orphaned during or as a result of the after-effects of the earthquake.

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August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

The Altars of the Second Great Awakening – Do It Again Lord!

During a recent visit to Nashville, our friend Dabney told us that close by was the Masonic Lodge that had been the site of President Andrew Jackson’s enacting a “treaty” with the Chickasaw Indians (part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830). For several months there had been a burn in my spirit about him and that act so I asked if we could stop there so that I could add in my prayers of repentance from the Carolinas since both North & South Carolina claimed him as a native son.

In the midst of our time in front of that lodge, Dabney pointed towards where Highway 431 ran through Franklin and spoke of the prophecy about the Lord re-firing the revival that had begun just a short ride away in Kentucky – that fire was best known as the Cane Ridge Revival and the Second Great Awakening but its spark started about an hour and a half up Highway 431 in Logan County, KY.  Continue reading August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

June/July 2015 – Glory Rising in Haiti!

At the Lord’s prompting, I (Yvonne) returned to Haiti with Pastor Stephanie Stevens and the team from Harvest Time Christian Fellowship (Philadelphia). About midway through the flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince, I could tangibly feel the Lord’s Presence and I sensed that we had passed into the Lord’s Glory realm. Aaahhh,  great things were awaiting us in Haiti!  Continue reading June/July 2015 – Glory Rising in Haiti!

Update on Italy

The Pellice Valley in Northwest Italy is where the Lord had directed RHM on a prayer journey and it is also where we met Eliseo and Paula and their wonderful family,

Excerpt from Newsletter Introducing the Guadagno Family (Eliseo and Paula) from Northern Italy

Rooted in History and Grounded in God’s Word

At the base of the Italian Alps lies a place where the first Christian reformation movement of Europe took place many centuries ago. The Pellice Valley, home of the Waldensians, became a base for Bible study and training. The Waldensians believed everyone should have the right to read the Scriptures for themselves instead of relying solely on the interpretation of clergy. They devoted Continue reading Update on Italy

Mission Haiti – February 2015


Mission Haiti:

After months of planning and preparation, Sunday, February 8th finally arrived and we were on our way!

Our RHM Team (Yvonne, Doris, Becky, Dan and Lisa D.) met Stephanie Stevens and her team from Harvest Time Christian Fellowship in the Miami airport. We soon boarded our flight to Haiti and upon arrival there, we collected our luggage, rendezvoused with J.J. and made our way to Estinfil Guesthouse where we were warmly greeted by the owner Jude and his wonderful staff. Continue reading Mission Haiti – February 2015