Solidifying Our Mission & Forging Ahead!

It Takes An Army!

Our foundation in the history of Awakening and Revival in our region is now complete for this season. Our ongoing alignment with Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion International and Global Spheres along with being a partner of Dutch Sheets Ministries will always keep us moving forward. We still have a mandate for County to County Strategic Prayer Outings as well as for our Worship & Prayer Watches, Ephesians4Movement Equipping & Deploying Services (E4M), and Life Scopes (Daystar Arising Academy, A Fathers Heart to You and This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!). To keep up with what’s happening, check back often on these links to our Itinerary or Facebook pages.

Our heart also is to continue to move forward and build–to build up community and to “build” disciples. We build through alignment–for our own maturing and to multiply for the kingdom–harvesters and harvest.

Below you will see some photo collages of our last two foundational prayer thrusts in Virginia Beach, VA (2 019) and St. Simons Island/Brunswick, GA (2020). You will also find some photos of the local meetings held in our region by Chuck & Dutch as well as in TX.

Virginia Beach, VA

Check out these Facebook posts for the backstory:

Virginia Beach, VA–2019

St. Simons Island, Fort Frederica & Brunswick, GA

Check out these Facebook Posts for the backstory:

St. Simons Island (John & Charles Wesley); Fort Frederica (James Oglethorpe), Brunswick (Blash roots)


Higher Alignment (Vertical)–Texas, Charlotte and Columbia, SC

Our Local Action

Here are some photos from some of our local Watches, training sessions, including some of those who made special visits to our E4Ms and to some of our home fellowships in the past year and a half:

Pop-Up Prayer Walks and more

We also did a few “pop-up”prayer walks locally but also to Black Wall Street in Greenwood, TX (Krystal) and a number of ones around the country through Dan. Some teams were deployed for a couple of recon trips in the Northeast– Baltimore (May) and Dorchester County, MD related to the story of Harriet Tubman (more of the why is in Yvonne’s book), and Philadelphia. PA . And, we also deployed teams to conduct training sessions at The Promised Land Church in Gastonia, at Prophetic Destiny Kingdom Embassy in Sumter, SC, and at the Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church in Baltimore (Sept.) which was combined with an Outreach (via His Gates).

NBA All Star Game–PrayerWalk
Baltimore Outreach Recon
Dorcester County, MD–Harriet Tubman
Philadelphia, PA


Baltimore is a beloved city for several on our team. It was wonderful to be able to wash her feet and equip & encourage the leaders and believers there. Powerfully anointed and deeply loving people with hearts of gold. GO BALTIMORE!


We sent a small mission team back to the Kurdistan region–if you are interested in finding out more about that, please contact us.

Women Arising!

In addition, we supported a Women’s Group for a Bi-Annual Weekend Conference and helped launched a more regular and interactive approach through Kingdom Incubator for Women. That support will transition to Yvonne Denise Ministries but some of our team will still actively participate.

Our Friends & Comrades-in-Arms

Finally but absolutely not least, we support other local and regional ministries and community-based organizations as often as we can. It takes an army to win a region. We are honored to co-labor with so many powerfully anointed leaders. Here are a few:

Uptown Worship Nights
Hearts on Fire; Ember CLT
Movement Day-ForCLT; Prayer is Breathing / Revive Church; Hope Unleashed

Be encouraged! Worship, WATCH & Pray!! Seek first the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness. Awakening is at hand and the HARVEST IS COMING!!