Riding The Wind: Dare & Onslow Counties, NC – January 2018

From Beginnings to Going Beyond!

Dare County – Land of Beginnings

This year we chose Dare County  (the easternmost county within our immediate  territory) to spend an extended weekend in for two reasons: 1)  it is the location within our territory that was “our beginning” of becoming the USA; and 2) it is a place where we could “go beyond” to add our prayers for redemption, reconciliation, & restoration for the First Peoples of our region, the Europeans, and the enslaved & then freed Africans (see Stories from Fort Raleigh). More history notes can be found at these links for: the Croatoans, an Algonquian tribethe story of the Lost Colony and Virginia Dare for whom the county was named; and the Freedmen Colony. Continue reading Riding The Wind: Dare & Onslow Counties, NC – January 2018

“Ride The Wind” With Us

“Ride The Wind” With Us

The Trumpets Are Sounding!

Yvonne sharing vision with RHM team

Yvonne had an open vision during a Worship & Prayer gathering on the first Friday of January 2018. She saw an angel wearing a blue sash blowing a silver trumpet up into the heavenlies (Num. 10:1-10). As the evening progressed, Yvonne then saw a company of 8-10 angels with blue sashes and gold trumpets blowing down into the center of the city. She heard the voice of the prophet that often stands at the city’s major crossroad crying out,  “Jesus saves!” And then liquid gold (“hidden treasures”) began to run down the hill upon which our city sits. In those moments, the worship transitioned to singing about the blood of Jesus, seemingly on queue from an unseen conductor orchestrating, and she saw that blood running up the hill over top of the gold on the sound waves of the worship. Yvonne was then quickened  in her spirit  to prophetically sing  “Ride the Wind”, He loves us. Continue reading “Ride The Wind” With Us