Mission Haiti – February 2015


Mission Haiti:

After months of planning and preparation, Sunday, February 8th finally arrived and we were on our way!

Our RHM Team (Yvonne, Doris, Becky, Dan and Lisa D.) met Stephanie Stevens and her team from Harvest Time Christian Fellowship in the Miami airport. We soon boarded our flight to Haiti and upon arrival there, we collected our luggage, rendezvoused with J.J. and made our way to Estinfil Guesthouse where we were warmly greeted by the owner Jude and his wonderful staff.

Shortly after we settled in, we found out that two days of demonstrations had been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday so our first two days were confined to the guesthouse and surrounding neighborhood.  So on Monday, after a wonderful breakfast, we started our first full day with worship and prayer on the rooftop of the guesthouse.

Rooftop Worship & Prayer:

We invited in Holy Spirit and our King Jesus and we decreed once again that Jesus is Lord over Haiti and that Haiti belongs to Him! We decreed righteousness and peace to prevail in her streets, especially during the demonstrations. We prayed for the destinies of the people – that they would come to personally know the One who had truly set them FREE! We prayed for restoration of the land, for new businesses, witty inventions…we prayed for godly leaders to arise in government and take their place. And we loosed a new sound, a new song to reign over the land!

Out and about in Delmas 31:

On Tuesday, restrictions were slightly lifted. Although the main roads were still closed, we were able to make a planned visit  to  Mother Teresa’s Hospital for the Sick and Dying where the combined team rocked and fed the babies and toddlers and loosed Jesus’ healing glory.

That afternoon we made our way to a nearby school. RHM had received several donations to purchase netbooks and school supplies to help with their computer training program. Similarly, Stephanie’s church had filled several bookbags so we had great fun distributing the gifts we brought:

 Outreach in Carrefour Faille:

We had to shift our Outreach schedule – we would now only spend two days in Carrefour Faille but we were able to add an Outreach to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Archaie.

As we began to worship on our first day of Outreach, several of the team saw five doves fly off a nearby rooftop. We took that as a sign of the Lord’s promise that He was waiting for us there.

We came to Carrefour Faille at the invitation of Rose Marie and the Lord Himself. Our cry: “Jesus is for Haiti and Haiti is for Jesus!”

We began by welcoming in Jesus,  our King of Glory, and then repenting for the past atrocities suffered by the Haitian people at the hands of those who bore the symbol of the cross. We worshiped Him and gave testimony of who Jesus really is – His person, His character, His love, His power:

We were particularly touched by the children who came out and were grateful to minister His love and healing power to both young and old. Many came forward to receive relieve from spiritual battles – tormenting spirits, bad dreams and restless nights:

On the second day we declared a New Day for the people of Carrefour Faille. We again told them that Jesus loved them so much that He died for them and that He sent us thousands of miles to let them know.  We declared to them His resurrection power to overcome every situation and circumstance and we decreed that by the power of Holy Spirit, His Presence would be with them.

Ministry this time happened throughout the outreach and we could see transformation had begun as we looked especially upon the children’s faces:

 Outreach in Archaie:

Many obstacles tried to stand in our way this day but we were able to worship and pray with the children and staff at the Good Shepherd Orphanage. We first presented them with gifts of school supplies and then we danced, laughed, and prayed.  They likewise blessed us as we heard them sing & dance about the goodness of the Lord! Truly a day that ended with His Glory prevailing.

And so this chapter of our journey with Haiti ended but Haiti’s new day is just beginning to unfold. Prayers to seal this work went up at our February Worship & Prayer Gathering. More to come in the months ahead!

To read more on the backstory of Mission Haiti, visit our Haiti webpage.