Solidifying Our Mission & Forging Ahead!

It has been quite a while since I (Yvonne) have written a blog post for our team. I have been pressing in for months now for the grace but now is the time! Since January, I have been reflecting on what has happened (and is happening). The Lord has had me focus surprisingly on a deeper understanding of times and seasons as well as the power, purpose and function of alignment.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, at the beginning of 2018, I had an open vision of angels with blue-colored sashes blowing trumpets in our city. I had a sense that I had stepped back into Revolutionary War times and that I was standing in a General’s tent where strategies were being forged on how to take the city. Fast-forward to the end of 2018, I was prompted by the Lord to write a book about these key prophetic encounters that have been transpiring over the last 30 years as they have been tied to Awakening, Harvest and City Transformation. The reason—He was about to do it again!

Passover to Pentecost 2019

What you would not have known is that I actually finished the book and sent it off to the publishing company during Passover 2019 (5779). A few days thereafter, I heard the Lord “summon me to Pentecost.” It took me a few more days to realize that the celebration He wanted me to attend was actually being held in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Pentecost 2019

I typically do not travel overseas alone but I knew I would be protected since I was being sent. The only assignment other than the Conference was to go to the Garden Tomb.

The Garden Tomb Jerusalem

The glory level at the Conference was extremely high which I knew was somehow historically very significant. I could see in the spirit that there was a great outpouring of that glory beginning to flow down the hills to the nations. I realized the fuller measure of the significance of what I was sensing while I was on our mission trip to the Kurdistan region this past October.

Feast of Tabernacles 2019

We “just so happened” to have traveled there—the region of the birthplace of Abraham and the place of the rivers and the Tower of Babel—during the Feast of Tabernacles. During our last night there, I could “see” the fresh Pentecost outpouring that would bring in the billion soul harvest—I could “see” thousands suddenly getting saved as millions of young people in a nearby region had begun to protest and take to the streets. And in my mind’s eye, I recalled similar protests that had sprung up in various nations. The Lord was beginning to make His move!

However, I was still puzzled by the Lord having me spend time at the Garden Tomb until the last week or so as I have begun to look back past this recent Passover. Last year, the Lord had made each of the Feasts demonstrably unique. As I sensed Awakening begin to resonate around me daily, I saw more clearly that these times and seasons, these “guideposts” that the Lord has already established for us, are there to help us traverse this new “Unknown.”

Guideposts–Times & Seasons

The Feasts are for me guideposts that show forth the Father’s heart, His love, His will, His plan, His power, our identity, our portion and our destination. We are not asked to have blind faith but to have personal faith. We are asked to trust Him because we cannot ever fully “know” like He does. He wants to give us peace and joy. He wants us to know that we do not need to covet, we do not need to grumble and complain, we do not need to fear any enemy; whatever we have need of, we merely have to ask. He is that good.

Since January, I personally have had to come aside to find those places in my soul and spirit where I have held onto past things— good, bad & ugly, where I have held onto limitations or routine, where I have added “requirements”, where I have not been obedient to follow His “peculiar” ways, where I have not believed His will for my personal life or His ability to bring it to pass, where I have kicked against the promptings of Holy Spirit, where I have doubted about seeing Awakening and Harvest, where I have loved the ways of the world more than real life, where I have feared death, where I have not worshiped with my whole heart, where I have backed up from the enemy and not taken my position of authority; and I have had to become reacquainted with the power of His Blood and recommit to wholeheartedly following wherever the Lamb leads by His Spirit.

I have spoken to several others, and from what I have seen and heard from those we are aligned with, many of us have been in a similar place. I find that this grace to write this post coming during this time between Passover and Pentecost, the Month of Iyar, the month of Issachar who understood the times & seasons and knew what to do, as being an indicator to pay attention to what has historically happened during this timeframe.

Passover to Pentecost 2020

Robert Heidler put it so clearly and succinctly this past Sunday when he compared the first Passover journey to Jesus’ 40 days of teaching the disciples after the Resurrection.

Month of IYAR–Transition Month–Robert Heidler teaching

Jesus taught them His covenant secrets as they were ushering in a new “unknown”, unprecedented era wherein they would now be the ones bringing forth the kingdom with power; He would transition some of them into apostles. And He would give them the Great Commission.

The Great Commission–Robert Heidler teaching

Pentecost is coming!

It has been my heart cry for over 30 years to see Awakening with such a move of Worship & Prayer that it brings both the Harvest and City & Regional Transformation. And, in what seems like a sudden moment, the stage has been set.

Now more than ever, our team has more fully come to recognize and appreciate the Lord’s timing and purpose of our calling—what we do and how we do it.

Some of our reflections from this past year and a half are on the photo collages on the next couple of pages. They will encourage you, plus I believe for some, they will be a part of the Lord’s “burning bush” encounter for you as we all move forward together in this new decade (new era) and beyond. For all, GET READY, THE HARVEST IS COMING!

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