July/August Bimonthly Update

Prophesying life to these dry bones!

Walk with us and prophesy as you read the report on our recent prayer mission to the Cane Ridge Meeting House in Paris, KY, the three river churches in Logan County, KY and then down Highway 431 to Nashville, TN. The places we stood on and the stories we heard are a part of our history as a nation. It is time to command and prophesy life to these dry bones just as Ezekiel did (Ezekiel 37:1-10).

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August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

The Altars of the Second Great Awakening – Do It Again Lord!

During a recent visit to Nashville, our friend Dabney told us that close by was the Masonic Lodge that had been the site of President Andrew Jackson’s enacting a “treaty” with the Chickasaw Indians (part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830). For several months there had been a burn in my spirit about him and that act so I asked if we could stop there so that I could add in my prayers of repentance from the Carolinas since both North & South Carolina claimed him as a native son.

In the midst of our time in front of that lodge, Dabney pointed towards where Highway 431 ran through Franklin and spoke of the prophecy about the Lord re-firing the revival that had begun just a short ride away in Kentucky – that fire was best known as the Cane Ridge Revival and the Second Great Awakening but its spark started about an hour and a half up Highway 431 in Logan County, KY.  Continue reading August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

July 2015 – “Jesus is the Real Thing” – Union County

Releasing an Atmosphere of Heaven Over Union County

On July 31st, we held a Whirlwind of Glory Worship & Prayer Gathering at the Coca Cola Bottle Factory Venue in Historic Monroe.  The event center was a part of the 1927 Coca Cola Bottling Company and still has many of its original features. We loved the fact that it was in the historic district and that while we worshiped, we could actually see the historic courthouse where we held a strategic prayer outing a few months back.  Continue reading July 2015 – “Jesus is the Real Thing” – Union County

June/July 2015 – Glory Rising in Haiti!

At the Lord’s prompting, I (Yvonne) returned to Haiti with Pastor Stephanie Stevens and the team from Harvest Time Christian Fellowship (Philadelphia). About midway through the flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince, I could tangibly feel the Lord’s Presence and I sensed that we had passed into the Lord’s Glory realm. Aaahhh,  great things were awaiting us in Haiti!  Continue reading June/July 2015 – Glory Rising in Haiti!

June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

In June, we more fully launched out into our County-to-County mandate from the Lord to release “A Whirlwind of Glory” through Worship and Prayer. I (Yvonne) had been joining Uptown Worship Nights for the past few months in their revival rallies at Trade & Tryon Streets, (Trade & Tryon Streets continue to be the two major crossroads of our city since its founding.)  What repeatedly stirred in my spirit was that people indeed are walking about as in “the days of Noah” as the Lord had prophesied; therefore my internal groaning for the harvest grew in intensity: Continue reading June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County