November/December RHM BiMonthly Update

RHM BiMonthly Update

Reporting on “High Level Assignments” Plus “E4M Monthly Equipping Sessions” Launches This Sunday, January 31st

Watching God’s power!

Just days after our Worship & Prayer Outing on the Sea Isles of Beaufort County, SC that focused in part on protection for and a spiritual awakening of the East Coast, where visions of expansive heavenly lightnings and a translucent armor-like veil being hung along the full length of our coastline were seen in the spirit, the headlines read: “East Coast braces for heavy snow, epic blizzard”. The Lord quickened me that the strengthening of this storm was a response to the prayers we offered up – He said some things are being delayed, some things are being cancelled, some things are being stilled, some things are being cleansed. Continue reading November/December RHM BiMonthly Update

December 2015 – Lake Norman and The Catawba River

Rolling on The River: Decreeing Healing & Restoration to The Catawba River!

As a follow-up to our Staking Our Future Worship & Prayer Gathering held in Gaston County where we focused on the endangered Catawba River, we decided to pray for the River while on the River. The Lord pointed us towards Lake Norman, the closest head water in our area, where the River takes a turn South from its origin in Western NC (Blue Ridge Mountains). Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake off the River and is home to three different types of dams.  Continue reading December 2015 – Lake Norman and The Catawba River

December 2015 – Concord (Cabarrus County) – Gathering & Commissioning

Prophesying Victory & Triumph to Cabarrus County – Welcome Holy Spirit!

Chuck Pierce

“We are in war. Without the restraining force of Holy Spirit being present, the enemy has access. … We are in a new movement where a triumphant people have to rise up. .. We must understand that the only resisting force in the earth – it’s not being religious, it’s not going to church – it’s Holy Spirit amongst us and in us!”  Continue reading December 2015 – Concord (Cabarrus County) – Gathering & Commissioning

November 2015 – Rev. Robert Hunt and Virginia Beach

High Level Assignments: Will these dry bones live?

Covenant Root in Virginia – Rev. Robert Hunt

Back in October while planning a Thanksgiving getaway, I (Yvonne) felt a quickening about visiting Virginia Beach.  In 2007, eight years prior, having arrived early in Virginia Beach for a prophetic conference (for which I felt a similar unctioning to attend), I was getting ready to walk the beach with a friend when a pastor stopped to tell us about Rev. Robert Hunt (an Anglican minister who was commissioned under the Virginia Charter to evangelize the land that stretched from South Carolina to Maine and far to the west) and how close we were to the First Landing where Rev. Hunt, after first making the crew stay on board for three days of fasting and praying, planted a wooden cross on those shores and dedicated this nation to the Lord. In his prayers, Rev. Hunt decreed that the gospel would not only be preached in this new land but would also go out from those shores to all of the nations of the world.

Continue reading November 2015 – Rev. Robert Hunt and Virginia Beach

November 2015 – Gaston County and The Catawba River!

Prophesying Freedom & Restoration to The River in Gaston County

Welcome Holy Spirit!  Welcome River of God! Welcome Shalom of God!

Back in June after I (Yvonne) booked The Nest in Gastonia for this Gathering, I drove back home through that city via Highway 74  – I could feel the heaviness, the depression in the area as I traveled street-to-street –  I especially sensed a spiritual murkiness when I crossed over the Catawba River via the lower bridge.  So I made note of it and before this Gathering, I did research on the Catawba River.  Continue reading November 2015 – Gaston County and The Catawba River!

November 2015 – Carrboro (Orange County) – A Former Sanctuary City

Carrboro (Orange County) – A former Sanctuary City

Lisa Flynn, our Strategic Prayer Outing Leader, had been concerned for several months about Sanctuary Cities in America and their violation of Federal Immigration laws. My immediate response was to make sure that we prayed the Lord’s heart towards refugees fleeing religious persecution and that our prayers completely lined up with Scripture. But, although on the surface Sanctuary Cities sounded like the Cities of Refuge found in the Word of God, further discussion and research unveiled that they were quite a different matter altogether.  Continue reading November 2015 – Carrboro (Orange County) – A Former Sanctuary City