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August 2015 – Museum of the Waxhaws – Andrew Jackson (Union County)

A Burden for Truth & Redemption

Back in April, I joined some of the Saturday night Worship & Prayer times that Uptown Worship Nights had at the cross-streets of Trade and Tryon. While I was out there, I looked over at the four pillars and at Polk Park and I remembered our team coming out to pray about our city’s founding at these cross-roads. These streets were once the major Indian trading paths in our region.  In those moments, I became burdened to find out more about how our state had dealt with the Indian nations that once thrived here.

Continue reading August 2015 – Museum of the Waxhaws – Andrew Jackson (Union County)

August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

The Altars of the Second Great Awakening – Do It Again Lord!

During a recent visit to Nashville, our friend Dabney told us that close by was the Masonic Lodge that had been the site of President Andrew Jackson’s enacting a “treaty” with the Chickasaw Indians (part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830). For several months there had been a burn in my spirit about him and that act so I asked if we could stop there so that I could add in my prayers of repentance from the Carolinas since both North & South Carolina claimed him as a native son.

In the midst of our time in front of that lodge, Dabney pointed towards where Highway 431 ran through Franklin and spoke of the prophecy about the Lord re-firing the revival that had begun just a short ride away in Kentucky – that fire was best known as the Cane Ridge Revival and the Second Great Awakening but its spark started about an hour and a half up Highway 431 in Logan County, KY.  Continue reading August 2015 – Nashville & Highway 431

June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

In June, we more fully launched out into our County-to-County mandate from the Lord to release “A Whirlwind of Glory” through Worship and Prayer. I (Yvonne) had been joining Uptown Worship Nights for the past few months in their revival rallies at Trade & Tryon Streets, (Trade & Tryon Streets continue to be the two major crossroads of our city since its founding.)  What repeatedly stirred in my spirit was that people indeed are walking about as in “the days of Noah” as the Lord had prophesied; therefore my internal groaning for the harvest grew in intensity: Continue reading June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

May 2015 – New Hanover County

A Weekend at the River

We were invited by ONE Christian Network of Charlotte  to join ONE Christian Network of Wilmington for their Night of Worship on the River! And it was just glorious to be able to assist so we combined the trip with our mission to take the Whirlwind of Glory out to the counties as Wilmington is the county seat of New Hanover County.  Continue reading May 2015 – New Hanover County

May 2015 – Union County

Strategic Prayer Outing – Historic Monroe (County Seat)

Armed with research and accompanied by members of Life Church of Monroe, a small team met at the Historic Courthouse in Historic Monroe to pray over the past and future destiny of the county.

Union County was formed in 1842 and its count seat had to be located within two miles of its center and was to be named in honor of President James Monroe. The Historic Courthouse where we chose to meet was built in 1886 and it is considered the single most significant property representing the history and development of Union County and its County Seat, Monroe. Continue reading May 2015 – Union County

Releasing the ROAR over the Town of Ballantyne

Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Releasing the ROAR of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah over the Town of Ballantyne (Charlotte)!

We journeyed to the Ballantyne Corporate Park in Charlotte for our March Strategic Prayer Outing as the strength and influence of the entire town  continues to grow economically, politically and culturally upon our city, state and nation. We stood on the land and decreed that our roar was establishing the throne of God over the Town of Ballantyne and we took our place as lionessess and declared Jesus Lord over the entire community.  Continue reading Releasing the ROAR over the Town of Ballantyne

Where the soles of our feet tread…

Where the soles of our feet tread…

Chuck Pierce’s prophecy that is confirmation for our strategic prayer outings:  “And I say My harvest fields are two layers down. Therefore you must remove the iniquity out of the ground, and as the iniquity flees, the seeds you’ve sown will began to rise.  I say to you open your eyes for I will use you like I used Judah to plow the fields that were sown in other generations”.

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North Charleston and College of Charleston

Pastor TJ and Charleston Revival Tabernacle

Back in May while we were planning our summer outreaches, the Lord put Pastor TJ and Charleston Revival Tabernacle on my (Yvonne’s) heart. Pastor TJ had graciously let us use his church facility for a Strategic Prayer teaching session hosted by some of our Charleston friends back in March 2014.

The Lord took me back to  that weekend and reminded me how Continue reading North Charleston and College of Charleston

Prayer Journey to Italy – Releasing from the Waldensian People the Blessing of Faith, Prophecy, Prayer & Forgiveness

A Kislev Firstfruits Offering to the Lord

“I want you to go to a town in the Northwest corner of Italy near the border of France”

This is what I (Yvonne) heard in my spirit.  I immediately said yes, did some research but I didn’t seem to find “the town” so I set it aside. However the impressions grew in intensity. I “happened” to read Peter Wagner’s Queen’s Domain book during this time and I began to understand the significance of what was happening throughout Europe. And in June, I even found another prayer journey companion – while at Glory of Zion in TX on the last day of the Pentecost Celebration Conference, I become re-acquainted with Stephanie, an elder, now pastor, that I knew over 24 years ago. Upon mentioning this impression from the Lord, she immediately said “I believe I am to go with you”. But where was that exactly? Continue reading Prayer Journey to Italy – Releasing from the Waldensian People the Blessing of Faith, Prophecy, Prayer & Forgiveness

Moravian Falls – September 2014

Prayer Mountain @ Moravian Falls, NC

“Come to the Mountain of the Lord!”

Recently, during the Month of Av, the month when Israel listened to the report of the 10 spies and did not enter into the Promised Land, many decrees went forth about reversing the curse, redeeming the time and possessing our inheritance.  So my ears were quickened when Lisa, RHM Strategic Prayer Outing Co-Leader, came across a word released by Doug Addison about Restoring Our Lost Inheritances which specifically mentioned NC – that is Moravian Falls, NC – see excerpt below:

A Cowboy Comes Home

I had a prophetic dream where I was standing in one of the geographic places where God is restoring the original calling. It looked like Moravian Falls, North Carolina. A man dressed like a cowboy came walking in with a milk cow. The cow had a blue blanket over it. Continue reading Moravian Falls – September 2014