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Moravian Falls – September 2014

Prayer Mountain @ Moravian Falls, NC

“Come to the Mountain of the Lord!”

Recently, during the Month of Av, the month when Israel listened to the report of the 10 spies and did not enter into the Promised Land, many decrees went forth about reversing the curse, redeeming the time and possessing our inheritance.  So my ears were quickened when Lisa, RHM Strategic Prayer Outing Co-Leader, came across a word released by Doug Addison about Restoring Our Lost Inheritances which specifically mentioned NC – that is Moravian Falls, NC – see excerpt below:

A Cowboy Comes Home

I had a prophetic dream where I was standing in one of the geographic places where God is restoring the original calling. It looked like Moravian Falls, North Carolina. A man dressed like a cowboy came walking in with a milk cow. The cow had a blue blanket over it. Continue reading Moravian Falls – September 2014

Outreach to Philadelphia – September 2013

The Birthplace of Our Nation: Worship, Equipping & Strategic Prayer Outing

Worship, Prayer, Equipping Gathering for First Love Ministries

“Holy are You Lord!”

We started the night thanking the Lord in song and then entered into a prophetic worshipful decree of “Holy are You Lord!” as the two worship teams present converged and pressed into His glory. As the rhythm of worship crested we stepped under His Banner and declared Jesus Lord over the region. We asked Holy Spirit to hover over the city, over its people, its churches, its communities. Continue reading Outreach to Philadelphia – September 2013