May 2015 – New Hanover County

A Weekend at the River

We were invited by ONE Christian Network of Charlotte  to join ONE Christian Network of Wilmington for their Night of Worship on the River! And it was just glorious to be able to assist so we combined the trip with our mission to take the Whirlwind of Glory out to the counties as Wilmington is the county seat of New Hanover County. 

Historic Wilmington – Taking Ground!

A portion of our team walked the ground in prayer in the midst of an antique car show, a wedding, tourists enjoying the many restaurants, entertainment spots and the ferry.

Wilmington’s downtown still has most of the historic buildings that were erected 50 years ago. We settled down at the Federal Courthouse building along the Riverwalk across from where the team was setting up. We had a great view of the Cape Fear River and the Battleship USS North Carolina.  The team thought these landmarks were prophetic stakes as we indeed intended to decree justice from His court, a calling forth of the spirit of courage v. the spirit of fear from His river, and to wage war for righteousness with His weapons as His army.

Night of Worship on the River!

As the team finished unloading to begin set up for the night, an Asian minister on vacation got off of his tour bus to come and bless the group. It felt like the Lord was reminding us that what we do in His Name not only impacts our territory but there is a ripple effect around the world.

RHM – A team of servants – very proud!

I watched with great joy as the team jumped in to set-up .

Worship Him!

The night was filled with explosive testimonies and powerful worship. I could sense the waves of glory going out over the city as we declared in different songs and with different styles that “Our God Reigns!”

Beautiful night, Glorious night, Down by the Riverside!

We ended the night with the leaders offering up prayers for the city and then some extended prophetic worship by the next generation as we laid it all down “as ONE”!


Strategic Prayer Outing

New Hanover County was first settled by the English/Welsh and Scots-Irish in the 1720s and was officially established in 1729. Wilmington, its county seat, was incorporated in 1739. The county has a history filled with explorers, pirates, American Revolution heroes, Civil War battles, blockade runners and early railroads.  Today it is ranked as a sought after place  to live and do business. Its major industries are healthcare/education and retail trade/accommodations. Of particular significance, Wilmington/New Hanover is about the midpoint of the eastern seaboard of the U.S., and Wilmington is NC’s largest port.

Since we had spent the night of worship in downtown, we concentrated our outing on education (UNC at Wilmington), the arts as Wilmington is becoming known as the Hollywood of the East, (Airlie Gardens)  and in the current and historical value of Wilmington as a port city (Wrightsville Beach Museum)

UNC at Wilmington

One watchman had a picture of a bubble not just enveloping the campus but growing from the inside. She was reminded of the student portrayed in the God’s Not Dead movie and loosed declarations of students arising and professing their faith. We prayed over their destinies, released a fresh wave of creativity but we came against all distractions. We decreed that education would serve its true purpose as a servant to families endeavoring to raise up their children to fulfill their calling in whichever mountain the Lord would place them. We came against predators of all kinds. We declared Kingdom Advancement and that the Glory of the Lord would rain down.


Airlie Gardens

For 30 years, Minnie Evans, an artist inspired by God worked here as a gatekeeper.  Evans led a very simple life and had no artistic training. Using even grocery bags and window shades, her fantastic creations were often inspired by dreams and visions. We wanted to loose that heritage on the current and future generations as many of us testified of the impact that the arts had on the development of our identity.

Wrightsville Beach Museum

Based on past prophecies, impressions and visions, and in light of the recent tragedy in Charleston, covering our coastline and our port cities are some of our top priorities. So we headed towards a beach area. We came across a local museum so we settled in there to look for prophetic clues for things to pluck up and things to bless.

The Wrightsville Beach is more of a private area with not much commercial development. The artifacts in the museum highlighted how it was somewhat of an exclusive area but there was a developer who made room for the African American community at a time when such actions would not have been popular.  We were grateful to have learned of the gentleman who was at the forefront of that development.  We blessed the prosperity of those who worked hard but we came against any unrighteous class and racial separations. We celebrated the era when families vacationed together and planned activities together and we cried out for a glorious return of focus on the family but in a more godly way.

We went back in time and recalled the history of what must have transpired there in past wars. We spoke into the healing of any war trauma and we came against the spirit of disunity. We also prayed a hedge of protection around our coastline and we blessed righteous businesses that made their livelihood off the river and/or trade. And we again loosed creativity but again came against any distractions.