Releasing the ROAR over the Town of Ballantyne

Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Releasing the ROAR of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah over the Town of Ballantyne (Charlotte)!

We journeyed to the Ballantyne Corporate Park in Charlotte for our March Strategic Prayer Outing as the strength and influence of the entire town  continues to grow economically, politically and culturally upon our city, state and nation. We stood on the land and decreed that our roar was establishing the throne of God over the Town of Ballantyne and we took our place as lionessess and declared Jesus Lord over the entire community. 

Seeing and Decreeing

We prayed over the history of the area and the visionaries who found, planned and built the community. We stood as gatekeepers as we used our surroundings as a point of contact to decree that only righteous businesses and organizations would be allowed to function and prosper there.  We called forth integrity of business owners and managers – that they would use fair practices and would treat their employees well. We loosed gratitude towards the Lord for it is He who gives us power to gain wealth.

The Beauty of the Lord

We also cried out for good work-life balance, that people would take time to look at the beauty around them in all of creation.  That they would honor one another and also be good stewards of the environment. That they would look beyond themselves and their own personal goals and have a higher, greater vision for the community. We also prayed that employees would be good corporate and community citizens and would honor our nation’s Christian foundations – we prayed that they would be blessed and  that they would also be a blessing.

His Truth about Wealth Prevailing

Moreover, with unified hearts, we came against lies about and fear over acquiring wealth. The love of money is the root of all evil but money answers all things – we need finances for righteousness sake. So we came against the spirit of poverty and loosed a fresh anointing for creativity and witty inventions by the righteous. We also specifically kept watch over the areas represented by the four monuments at the  nearby crossroads – transportation, technology, finance and the human spirit – those monuments marked the area even before she had fully sprung up.

Loosing the Wind and Sound

And we prayed for a fresh wind of the Spirit to fall upon all – upon families, churches, ministries, leaders, businesses, and other organizations. We also kept watch over the cultural influences over the community and we came against political correctness and all perverse spirits that would attempt to arise. We lifted up a banner in the spirit of worship & praise – and we loosed the sound and song of heaven – the shofar was sounded and we all dug deep to loose the ROAR of The Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

For the good of all

Before we left, we saw the marker for the park and we said AMEN Lord – may the righteous rise up and let their voice be heard by their words and by their deeds – for the good of all!