North Charleston and College of Charleston

Pastor TJ and Charleston Revival Tabernacle

Back in May while we were planning our summer outreaches, the Lord put Pastor TJ and Charleston Revival Tabernacle on my (Yvonne’s) heart. Pastor TJ had graciously let us use his church facility for a Strategic Prayer teaching session hosted by some of our Charleston friends back in March 2014.

The Lord took me back to  that weekend and reminded me how violently the wind was blowing  as we activated the local team there in strategic prayer that Sunday afternoon and then even more so on the way back to Charlotte.  It felt as if a full battalion of angels were rushing towards Charleston to take their positions as we had decreed both that Saturday and Sunday. Just a couple of days after our return, I started watching the webcast replays from Glory of Zion’s “Aligning the Armies of Heaven and Earth” Conference and my spirit was particularly quickened by Tim Sheets’ message about Acts 2 and how the angels were loosed in the wind of Holy Spirit as flames of fire on the Day of Pentecost.

So I reached out to Pastor TJ to see if we could come help him with Outreach. He excitedly agreed to our coming and we settled on the 4th weekend in November. The Lord impressed upon me to teach, demonstrate and activate on Watchman-style Worship & Prayer that Saturday night. I knew that the team there were already mighty warriors but Holy Spirit whispered, you are just adding some different seasonings.

Pastor TJ also graciously opened his pulpit to us that Sunday morning and it was a honor that we did not take lightly. The Lord led me (Yvonne) to talk about angels, dreams & visions being birthed now, decreeing as Dutch Sheets prophesied “No More Delay!”, and the key in Ephesians 4 of “aligning” to unlock the seeds of destiny. I ended with a charge fueled by Paul Keith Davis’ Head of the Year message on hidden treasures  to become mature sons, to be like Jesus, who Himself prophesied in John 12:23-24 about a seed that produces after its own kind (Gen. 1:11-13):

“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.  Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

It’s time to “be like Jesus” and step into the season of the manifestation of the sons of God!

College of Charleston

We were further led to actually go to a local college campus to step into the word about the sound that needed to be released on the campuses of our colleges and universities as prophesied by Chuck Pierce. We settled on venturing out to the College of Charleston since it is the oldest college south of Virginia. “Several of the College’s founders played key roles in the American Revolution and in the creation of the new republic. Three were signers of the Declaration of Independence and another three were framers of the U.S. Constitution.”

So a combined team from Charleston Revival Tabernacle and Releasing Heaven Ministries headed out together on Sunday after service for a quick bite, some fellowship and then some strategizing!

Lisa Flynn, our Strategic Prayer Outing Leader,  pointed us first in the direction of one of the churches near the campus, where we launched out with a deep, heart-wrenching cry for an awakening – we prophesied that a passionate, fiery return to the Lord would begin there! We then started walking more towards the center of the campus. Becky Bozeman,  our Ministry Team Leader, told us about a cistern in one of the courtyards where their graduations and convocations were held, so we weaved our way to the Cistern Yard.

The Cistern Yard is the central location for the college’s Rites of Passage.  “Students pass through the arch at Porters Lodge on their first day and enter the Cistern Yard to officially sign ‘the book.’ Inscribed in Greek on the arch are the words ‘Know Thyself.’ Upon graduation in the spring, students exit the Cistern yard by passing underneath the same arch and out into the world.”


As we walked on campus, we saw several masonic symbols on the plaques of the various buildings. We therefore immediately stood in the gap in repentance for embracing idols and intermingling false doctrines. We then declaratively reclaimed our future generations of sons & daughters and the Christian heritage of our colleges.  We cried out against false philosophies that had infiltrated our educational system; we prayed for the believers on campus – those amongst the students, staff and professors –  that they would stand firm and let their light shine especially where there was heavy intellectualism. We fervently cried out for a visitation that would so capture the hearts of all – that students, staff and teachers would all fully embrace their God-given purpose and destiny;  and that they would follow the path that the Lord had set before them instead of any false, legalistic “success” doctrine or career.

If your ministry, church or home group of believers would like to be trained to take your city, community, or region through the Lord’s battle plan of Worship, Prayer & Outreach – Watchman-style, contact us!

Our next training will be at His Gates in Asheville area with John & Camrin Harris – click on their pic below for more details: