July 2016 – Gathering of Eagles Part 2 – Greensboro (Piedmont Triad)

Releasing the Strategies of Heaven

Why Greensboro and Piedmont Triad

RHM went to Greensboro back in February to release Worship & Prayer in Guilford County as a part of our “Go County to County” mandate from the Lord. We also were blessed to equip others from Greensboro as well as New Jersey and South Carolina in apostolic and prophetic intercession.

In preparation for what we called A Gathering of Eagles, we did some spiritual recon of the city and amongst other things we visited the Battlefield of Guilford Courthouse, the Civil Rights Museum,  and the statue of the Greensboro Four at NC A&T – we came to see how Greensboro had an “open portal for strategic warfare at a level that impacted our entire nation”. 

We did a Strategic Prayer Outing to these sites on the Saturday of the Battlefield Reenactment (March) and here is an excerpt of what was further sensed:

I was once again overwhelmed with the evidence of how the Lord most assuredly was with America’s army as she battled an army that was far better-equipped and far better-trained for a very grueling eight long years. I also confessed my admiration for Nathanael Greene who was an untrained, relatively very young Quaker who seemed to have been supernaturally gifted with the wisdom  necessary to lead a hodge-podge company of soldiers with widely varying skill levels, and to devise strategically brilliant war plans. I  also marveled at how both the Quakers and the Moravians just so happened to have settled in this region as I knew the power of their faith and prayer life.


And in that moment, I could feel the Lord’s heart for His blood-bought but heavily persecuted church, and I had a sense of knowing about how mightily He would move heaven and earth to restore her to the fullness of His glory. I could feel that, in spite of the oft-times tragic missteps and hardships created by slavery and the displacement of the Native Americans, that the Lord was establishing a place where the fullness of His Spirit could come forth in such a way as to touch the whole world and redeem all.

Part 2 – Worship & Prayer Gathering – July 2016

We didn’t get to fully enter into apostolic intercession at our last visit to Greensboro, so we returned in our full authority to step into that open portal to do our part in “once again” getting our nation back on course! Melinda Richardson from Glory of Zion had talked about visiting us so we also invited her to meet us in Greensboro and we purposed to share her ministry with Glory of Zion‘s Houses of Zion in the region.

First we gathered in our County-to-County Worship & Prayer to “Rebuild An Altar of Fire” to pull down the Lord’s strategies over the seven mountains of cultural influence in the region:

An Evening with Melinda Richardson from Glory of Zion

Then that evening we were blessed with words of encouragement via Melinda. She released the prophetic word that she had received from the Lord for North Carolina through a prophetic act – “The Lord is tipping the scales of justice in your favor!” And we said AMEN Lord!

Back to the Battlefield

Finally, before Melinda departed, we took her to the battlefield so she could sense the “why” of our coming back to Greensboro.  There the team issued some more decrees to further release the strategies of heaven. Melinda got a picture of David on the battlefield “Is there not a cause?” and Becky heard the same shout as on one of the flights from 9/11: “Let’s roll!”



Rolling into New Strategies Unleashed

And indeed new strategies were unleashed beginning even the week before July 9th. I (Yvonne) was telling the story of our February/March ministry in Greensboro and the “why” of our returning to John & Camrin Harris and their Leadership Team, His Gates Church in Western NC. (John & Camrin will be ministering for us at our October E4M Equipping Service.) And in that small gathering, one of the leaders got a picture of the Lord having already given us warfare strategies along our path – he asked, “what were some of your passions even in childhood?”

“This Is That”

I remembered loving to talk about Jesus loving to be creative – through art, song, drama, and writing, having a love for cities and a passion for social justice. I was encouraged by those leaders to tell my stories via different media, and “This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!” was birthed. (I talk more about this story when interviewing my friend and one of  RHM’s Sr. Leaders Rosemerry Blash, Director of Daystar Arising Academy – check out what she is doing  with her passion for education via Periscope @RosemerryBlash or email her: daystaraa@gmail.com.)


Fayetteville and East

I was also given a word by John about our team  re-digging a well near Fayetteville and East.  And indeed, we reconnected with a pastor from there plus met another seasoned warrior during this Greensboro Gathering Part 2, and we have set our faces to go to Fayetteville in October.


In addition, we recently went to The Call’s Azusa East Launch and were delighted to hear Lou Engle honor Billy Graham and talk about stepping into his mantle (which literally was an answer to prayer) and then we  heard about Derek Prince’s prophecy for Eastern North Carolina (excerpt from 4/6/1975):

“I will make Eastern North Carolina my footstool in America. Where my feet rest so shall my enemies be trampled.  Where my enemies are tramped there will be liberty to worship at my feet.  Where the feet of the King are it is a sign that the King is sitting in the Tabernacle.  I will come and sit in the Tabernacle and where I sit so shall my glory rest.  …This is the atmosphere of my Abiding Presence, the atmosphere of Heaven.”

We know there is more to come  – stay tuned!  And in the meantime, look on your path and see the strategies the Lord has set before you!!