Answered Prayer – Billy Graham Library Re-post from February 2014

Honoring Our Spiritual Fathers

Lou Engle and The Call are hosting an Azusa East Awakening Gathering/Encounter in Charlotte in 2018. Lou mentioned stepping into the mantle of Billy Graham. As I am sure for many  of us who live in the Charlotte Metro Region, this is an answer to prayer.

We are re-posting our Strategic Prayer Outing Report from February 2014.

Billy Graham Library, Charlotte

Stepping into the timeline of a revivalist, and releasing the anointing for harvest for our season!

We walked through the history of a man anointed by Holy Spirit to seek and save the lost. Billy Graham was not ashamed of the gospel – whether in front of radio, television, live crowds, celebrities, or political figures – nor on any soil. And he did not do it alone. He had a team and a strategy – prayer, preparation, equipping, connecting and follow through.

We prayed for a fresh release of that anointing of boldness, favor and wisdom in even greater measure through the power of Holy Spirit. We prayed for an outpouring of Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles following! We prayed for a fresh release of supernatural love and the spirit of unity, and we decreed a turn-around in the media and a reclaiming of that mountain for the Kingdom of God!

May the spirit of evangelism fall afresh upon every believer in every community, city and nation until the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of God!