Chuck and Dutch – Word for Colleges & Universities in The Carolinas – September 2017

“Unlocking the Winds of Glory” – Chuck & Dutch @ CPCC

While Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets ministered at the “Unlocking the Winds of Glory” Gathering here in Charlotte, they both loosed confirming words about our area colleges & universities.

Transcript excerpt:

Chuck: “I will change the voice of the universities of this land. I will bring them before national attention and their voice will sound differently than what they have sounded in the past. I say watch, for My wind will enter everything that says university and college in the Carolinas.”

Dutch recalled a vision that he had while speaking in Boise Idaho in the immediate wake of 9/11:

“The entire vision was about the revival that is coming to the college and universities of America. The fire of God that is coming, the life of God … This was just a wild fire controlled by Holy Spirit. And He was working miracles, leading people to Jesus, mass deliverance was taking place on campus. Classes were cancelled. Sporting events were cancelled. …Paradigms are going to change overnight. The instructors and professors are going to get in on it. Atheists one day; in love with Jesus the next. … They were raw. They didn’t know anything about religion. They just all of a sudden had been visited by God. They did not want our religious structure and our methods and our boxes we have Him in. They just wanted to go after God with a whole lot of passion and fire and intimacy. And it was out of control. The Voice of the Lord resurrects.”