Carrefour Faille, Haiti – December 2014

Haiti Mission Prep Trip Report

During the last week of 2014, a small advance team was sent to Haiti to do the legwork required for RHM’s Worship & Prayer Outreach to Carrefour Faille in February 2015. With the help of JJ, MHJ’s Field Director for Haiti, Zacharie from the Mission School in Carrefour Faille, a couple of local youth pastors, and Rose Marie, a site was located and plans are underway for permits, security, sound and such.

 We believe that Haiti is one of the nations that the Lord is fervently pursuing at this time. On her first visit to Haiti, the Lord told Yvonne that he was going to make Haiti “a sign and a wonder” . Like in the days of Esther, the Lord was sending Yvonne and RHM to Haiti to “issue another decree”, for it was He who created her and He who died to redeem her.

 Also during their trip, the team connected with the ministry of Apostle Jay Threadgill who pastors Church on the Rock in Port-au-Prince. During his New Year’s eve service, Jay released a powerful prophecy of the double glory (Haggai 2:6-9) and made an appeal to his 8000-member church that it was now time to truly be like Jesus to their families and neighbors. Similarly on January 1 at Glory of Zion’s “Starting the Year Off Right” Conference, by decree of Holy Spirit, Dutch Sheets released a new level of apostolic grace that will take our giftings to a new measure spiritually and physically.

 Dutch: “There’s a new level of apostolic grace being released…There’s grace and there’s great grace.   There’s grace and there’s abundant grace.  2 Corinthians 9 abounding grace. … That means supernatural ability to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think…the Sovereign that sits in the seat of authority is offering a demanding decree – he is demanding in the spirit realm and saying I now call forth the manifestation of the fullness of my 5-fold giftings and my apostolic church will arise in new ways in this season. You will see the power of God like never before, you will surprise yourself…When you speak it, it happens when you pronounce things over your region, over your city, over your community.  Your words will take on more authority…We have moved through a kairos window.  We now stand at a ‘fullness of time’…No more delay!”

 Chuck Pierce also gave a prophecy about riots (which Haiti was beginning to see again).

Chuck: “The Lord says there will be lots of riots in lots of nations this year.  You need to track the riots.  You need to see the city where the riots are going to be happening because those will be the places I will call my people to rise up and gather and worship and bring forth the sound greater than the rioting and confusion in the street.  I say I am calling my people this year to the streets.  And when riots are occurring they will bring forth worship that settles and creates a new order in the earth.”

 So for three days in February 2015, by the whirlwind of the power of Holy Spirit and His abounding grace, we will decree “Jesus Christ is Lord over Haiti!” and that “Haiti is for Jesus!”

In addition, we will be carrying over some netbooks to help JJ with the computer training being offered in the two schools he is running. Public education is not otherwise available for the 120 students he is reaching.

We also are providing some school supplies to The Good Shepard Orphanage of Archaie which is run by the family of the owner of the Estinfil Guesthouse where we will be staying.

Standing in the “fullness of time”!

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Planned Worship & Prayer Outreach Site in Carrefour Faille and Support Team
  School in Delmas
 Good Shepherd Orphanage


UPDATE – Report on Mission Haiti -February 2015