Outreach to Philadelphia – September 2013

The Birthplace of Our Nation: Worship, Equipping & Strategic Prayer Outing

Worship, Prayer, Equipping Gathering for First Love Ministries

“Holy are You Lord!”

We started the night thanking the Lord in song and then entered into a prophetic worshipful decree of “Holy are You Lord!” as the two worship teams present converged and pressed into His glory. As the rhythm of worship crested we stepped under His Banner and declared Jesus Lord over the region. We asked Holy Spirit to hover over the city, over its people, its churches, its communities.

“Let Your River Flow”

One of the prophetic pictures received before the gathering was that the River bed from heaven to earth was in place but the River was not in a full flow. So we asked His River to flow, His River to rise to bring His kingdom down, so His will could be done on earth as in heaven.

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence & Revival Fires

The Lord had us bring copies of the Constitution with its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence along with the names of the signers and the names of our Presidents to lay at our altar. So in the river that was released, we laid hold of the vision that had birthed this nation. We spoke about Julie Meyer’s dream about the intercessors and the need to tell the old, old stories of revival. This nation was birthed in the revival fires of the First Great Awakening and many of the early settlers and our founding fathers came here to set up a place where they could freely worship Him and where the gospel could go forth from these shores.

Prophecy – Resurrection Power & Warring Angels

So we stepped into that River and along the way, the ministry leader released a decree in tongues and the interpretation spoke of release of buckets of resurrection power and warring angels.


No more discouragement – no more delay!

An excerpt about discouragement from a recent message at Glory of Zion was read. One of the points was how discouragement was one of those sins that so easily besets us and how it can cause us to give up even our birthrights like Esau did.  Acts 17:26 was released and prayers were offered up to loose revival fire and to bind up all weariness, sorrow and despair. One of the ministry leaders testified about how the land that we were on was once a thriving interracial community back in the 40s and 50s but was plowed over to make way for a development that never came. So she bound up all discouragement surrounding this tragedy and offered up the land as a seed to the Lord to loose that vibrancy to all neighborhoods and communities in the region and even the nation. Another warrior later told us that she had just completed a book on discouragement which was now in editing because the Lord had pressed her to get it released because it was needed NOW.

Covenantal Authority through Worship, Prayer, Decrees!

And another warrior stood as a covenant man and took authority over the demonic things that had been released in the atmosphere over the city – binding and loosing according to the will of God and his authority as a king and priest. He decreed, “I got it!” And his wife, one of the local worship leaders, commented that she now understood what the Lord had been saying about adding prayer to her worship.  Worship opens the portal to heaven so that our prayers and prophetic decrees can hit the mark with full power!  We encouraged them to continue on in this vein corporately, and to just watch and see what the Lord would do!

Strategic Prayer Outing to the Federal Reserve Bank, National Constitution Center, U.S. Mint, and Independence Hall

Before we left Charlotte, the Lord had impressed us to focus on our Constitution – so we planned an outing to the National Constitution Center and Independence Hall.


I (Yvonne) woke up Sunday morning seeing coins being tossed up in the air like in a tumbler so we said “yes Lord, we will go to the US Mint”. We first stopped at the Federal Reserve Bank and went through the National Constitution Center and prayed along the way. When we walked into the US Mint, we looked up to see a coin display dangling from the ceiling just like the scene from my vision. I had forgotten that this was one of the mints that actually still produced our legal tender coins. We went on the self-guided tour and saw some interesting facts about how during the tail end of the depression, the government had passed laws forcing people to sell their gold to them. This gold is still being kept. We pondered those things in our hearts and found later that prophetic words mirroring this encounter had been received by key leaders.

Worship Abounding

We then made our way towards Independence Hall and stopped at Christ Church burial grounds. We found some history there about how the freedom to worship was in the charter of the city and how this emerging small community became home to many  churches from different Christian denominations. Philadelphia was even the birthing place for the oldest, still active Jewish synagogue in the U.S., which was founded there in 1740.

The LORD is Enthroned on the Praises of His People

And as we entered into the courtyard of Independence Hall we could sense the Lord’s pleasure. And we knew there was a connection between this posture of worship and the government of this nation being established there. So we cried out Wakey, Wakey prayers for this spiritual heritage and for the hearts and perseverance of our founding fathers . And we fervently prayed for God’s will for our nation now to be made manifest because we go from glory to glory!

Let Your kingdom come in its fullness LORD; let Your will be done!