Community Revivals – UNC Charlotte – October 2014


“Come in King of Glory” 

“Praying for the Future of Our Region”

In planning our Outreaches in the summer of 2014, we wanted to impact every socio-economic strata and every cultural mountain of influence. That June, we had conducted a Strategic Prayer Outing to UNC Charlotte to support our outreach in North Charlotte as  historically that community had  been the industrial and business section of the city. (UNC Charlotte is a heavy producer of new business talent for our region and the University area itself now hosts several major companies in several business and industry parks.)

Then that August, we received the go-ahead from Holy Spirit to plant a stake of Worship in the ground on the Mountain of Education and shortly thereafter, we heard this confirming word from Chuck Pierce.

Recent Prophetic Word from Chuck Pierce

Sounds are beginning to blend, harmonize and multiply. The sound of My procession is beginning to be heard in the earth. Allow the sound to create confusion in the enemy’s camp. This is a time to confuse the enemy that is in the field. Do not fear your enemy that is in the field. I will go before you and then call you in. The trees of the field are filled with sound. They are filled with My instruments. I am waiting for you to go and remove the tambourines that have been hung in the trees and take back the sound that has been captured in the fields of harvest in the earth. These sounds will cause the iniquity and bloodshed that has lain dormant in the fields to be released. Where the fragrance of death has been, life will abound. Call forth the captured sounds throughout the fields of harvest. There are “Black holes” in people you have ministered to and you know others that have not been able to break out of their past woundedness. Send the sound into those black holes. My Children will dance in the light, for My sound will rise in the midst of the night. The harvest is plentiful and I am sending forth the sound. Praise Me! Send the sound onto every university and college campus in your region. The sound will cause the headship that is ruling to fall.

The date we landed on “just so happened” to be Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. So we took our place to not only repent on behalf of our territory but to decree restoration.  We also loosed the prophetic word of the New Year of 5775, Ayin Hei, and several key words from Glory of Zion’s Head of the Year Conference.

From the mountain that touches all other mountains and Interspersed with worship and the welcoming of Our King of Glory, we repented and then prophesied in word and song.

Repenting of:

  • forsaking our destinies
  • walking in false identities
  • watering down the gospel
  • believing false prophecies and embracing false doctrine
  • having a Greek mindset
  • not seeking first His kingdom
  • misplaced and lost hope
  • lack of praying, true worship, faith, courage, strength, and being a witness
  • not reading the word, not speaking forth the word, not believing the word, not fellowshipping, not sharing our testimonies, not walking as mature sons
  • being silent
  • forsaking our children
  • forsaking our authority

And we loosed:

  • The whirlwind of heaven being released over our territory
  • The Name and authority of Jesus
  • “Everywhere our feet step, everywhere our eye can see is the land of the LORD”
  • The advancement of His kingdom and declared war on our enemy satan and his demonic hordes
  • The call and the destiny of our region including colleges and universities
  • The love of the Father, the love of the Son and the love of Holy Spirit
  • Fathers and mothers arising
  • Prayers (cries) as a mother for her children – we cried out for the lost and broken-hearted on campus
  • A new movement
  • The Sound to fill every black hole
  • Encouragement to believers on campus to lose their testimonies and to not give up
  • The power of the atoning blood of Jesus
  • Hidden treasures being revealed; mature sons arising
  • Prayers for Israel
  • Our authority over every mountain in our territory
  • The power of His word flowing through us – tearing down structures and building up righteous rule and reign
  • The power and presence of the Lord , the power of His glory – salvation, repentance, healing, empowering, provision, fulfillment

This was a different type of Outreach for us as we purposely kept our numbers small in order to really drive a stake in the ground for the sake of the kingdom.  Although we did not advertise this event, the Presence of the Lord drew in a Messianic believer who needed healing and even brought one of the campus Christian leaders down from an upper floor to check out what he was sensing in his spirit.

Come in, King of Glory!