Charlotte Community Revival – Dillehay Courts – May 2014

“Come in King of Glory”

What an amazing time – with a core team of wonderful volunteers, youth ministries, local churches and even a cartoon character, the atmosphere of heaven was recreated right there in the midst of Dillehay Courts through love, worship, testimony, and joy!  This community also received a free lunch and giveaways for the children donated by a multitude of supporters. The children’s sock giveaways were anointed in prayer by faith for the new path now set for their generation.

Our mission was to not just have an event but to extend an invitation, establish a meeting place of heaven and earth, and start a revolution for the advancement of the Kingdom through the release of His Angel Armies into this community.

We are never relying on what we can do but on what Holy Spirit and the Captain of the Hosts, King Jesus, will do when we create a portal for His Glory to come in.

Lives were touched, changed, revived! We received testimonies from both the residents and the volunteers that they encountered His presence as never before and were revived by His love in unexpected ways. Even later that night, His Glory was still very tangible.

Our goal is always to make disciples and to help raise up kings and priests out of each community so that they will become the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of the streets to dwell in (Isa. 61 and Isa. 58).