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Riding the Wind: The Trumpets are Sounding – RHM 2018 Outreaches & Much More!

Riding the Wind: The Trumpets are sounding!

I (Yvonne) had an open vision at the beginning of January 2018 of angels with blue sashes blowing trumpets over and in Uptown Charlotte. At the end of that vision, I heard “Ride the Wind!” (More about the vision.)

After our two weekend outings to Dare and Onslow Counties, we literally rode the wind to Fairfax County, VA on March 2nd to honor one of our team members plus our founding fathers – George Washington and George Mason. We departed Charlotte on the day of Billy Graham’s funeral and there was a strong Nor’easter that blew through Charlotte and up through the Eastern states. We stopped half way on our journey to rest and then ventured forward to worship and pray over this historic area in a Jewish Community Center.

Later that month, we also were blessed to return to The Upper Room Coffeehouse in Statesville (Iredell County) on St. Patrick’s day. (We are returning again on Saturday, February 16th – if you are in the area, please join us!)

We then traveled onto His Gates International (John & Camrin Harris) in Western North Carolina to celebrate Passover and to join forces to prophetically and prayerfully walk the land.

Then in May, we were able to honor our military once again.

Responding to the Vision

But, in addition to our normal Strategic Prayer Outings and E4M Equipping Services, we purposed to specifically and directly respond to the angelic visitation over our city.

Two major outreach clusters were planned and executed.

  • Kids Praise in the Park and Relationship Building Activities – see page 2
  • Releasing Joy in Our City – Outdoor Worship & Prayer Watch, Romare Bearden Park (and the various Equipping activities) – see page 3

Also, on p. 4, check out a brief update of some signposts the Lord planted in 2018 for what lies ahead!

As We Are At This Crossroad – A Look Back

2017-2018 Crossroad

As we are at this crossroad between 2017 and 2018, we acknowledge our God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s) covenantal love towards us and our great daily need for His Presence, His revelation,  His voice, His grace, His shalom, and His strength. We also extend our gratitude to Chuck Pierce, Global Spheres and Glory of Zion for their apostolic-prophetic-intercessory covering.

We submit afresh to our call to “Worship~Prayer~Outreach” not only to the nations but to our city, our territory and our own nation. We decree and declare that we will obey His Word and Holy Spirit, will walk through the gates and open double door of His promises, and with His help and that of His angel armies, we will do our part to defeat the devil and change the world!

We will continue our mission to bring forth treasures that have been hidden in the darkness!! Continue reading As We Are At This Crossroad – A Look Back

Releasing The Lord’s Jackhammer in Iredell County

January – June 2017 – Statesville &The Upper Room

In January, I began to spy out the land in Iredell County to look for a place to do Worship. And behold, right there in Statesville, the county seat for Iredell County, on one of the main thoroughfares of the Historic Downtown area is The Upper Room Coffee House – Band Venue and High School & College Ministry.  Amazing!

Continue reading Releasing The Lord’s Jackhammer in Iredell County


Ephesians4Movement (E4M) is also sharing via LIFE-Scopes! on Periscope/Facebook Live!:

Rosemerry Blash, Director of Daystar Arising Academy, is sharing Important Information about Education & Family on Periscope @RosemerryBlash and on Facebook Live on the 1st Wednesdays at 8:00 PM and Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM.  Catch Rosemerry live or on replay.

Kevin Blash, one of RHM’s Senior Leaders, is sharing “A Father’s Heart To You” on Periscope @Afathersheart2u on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 8:00 PM.  He is sharing on key issues and transforming topics from a father’s perspective; and through hearing his heart, you will truly glean Our Heavenly Father’s love for you. Catch Kevin live or on replay.

Yvonne Hicks, Founder/President of RHM, is sharing God stories on Periscope @YvonneHicks (and also Facebook Live starting in 2018) on the 3rd Wednesdays at 8:00 PM –  This Is That: Makin’ It Plain – catch her live or on replay – check out Facebook Page and RHM Blog Post.

October 2016 – The Fellowship of the King – Fayetteville (Cumberland County)

Re-Digging the Well @ Fayetteville

During a visit with friends John & Camrin Harris of His Gates, I (Yvonne) had a great time of fellowship with several of their leaders. As a result of their prayers and prophecies, “This Is That: Makin’ It Plain” a social media outreach of E4M was birthed and my  face was set towards Fayetteville based on this word from John:

“I see three shovels in the ground digging out a well at the place in the earth where there is like an old river bed and the ground is stony – those wielding the shovels are taking the dirt out to re-dig the well. It looks like the Eastern part of the state. And they were bringing up big shovelfuls and they were bringing it up in perfect unison. I have built houses all over the state, every part of the state has a different color dirt – it looks like Fayetteville and East …

courtesy of

Continue reading October 2016 – The Fellowship of the King – Fayetteville (Cumberland County)

August 2016 – Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE – Gates, God Stories & Answered Prayer

Gates, God Stories & Answered Prayer

An Invitation

I (Yvonne) was invited by my spiritual sister Susan Napier of First Love Ministries to join her for a Prophetic Conference in Philadelphia at Walk in Light Christian Center where her mom, my spiritual mom Ann Strickland, is an elder. I was both honored and delighted as Susan takes very seriously who she ministers with and Philly is my hometown.

college3 Continue reading August 2016 – Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE – Gates, God Stories & Answered Prayer

July 2016 – Gathering of Eagles Part 2 – Greensboro (Piedmont Triad)

Releasing the Strategies of Heaven

Why Greensboro and Piedmont Triad

RHM went to Greensboro back in February to release Worship & Prayer in Guilford County as a part of our “Go County to County” mandate from the Lord. We also were blessed to equip others from Greensboro as well as New Jersey and South Carolina in apostolic and prophetic intercession.

In preparation for what we called A Gathering of Eagles, we did some spiritual recon of the city and amongst other things we visited the Battlefield of Guilford Courthouse, the Civil Rights Museum,  and the statue of the Greensboro Four at NC A&T – we came to see how Greensboro had an “open portal for strategic warfare at a level that impacted our entire nation”.  Continue reading July 2016 – Gathering of Eagles Part 2 – Greensboro (Piedmont Triad)

This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!

Ascribe Unto the Lord the Glory due His Name – Psalm 29:2

Following My Passion to Talk about Jesus

On a visit  in July 2016  with my dear friends John & Camrin Harris,  the founders of  His Gates Church, I was sharing some of my stories with their leadership team and asked them to pray for RHM as we sought to release God’s strategic warfare plans through our upcoming outreach in Greensboro. One of their leaders was impressed that God had already set His strategies on our path. He encouraged us all to think about even what we loved to do as children and look for signs. They also encouraged me to share my stories through different media and so here we are: “This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!”  Continue reading This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!

February/March 2016 – Greensboro (Guilford County) & Strategic Warfare

A Gathering of Eagles, Part 1:  Equipping for Apostolic/Prophetic Worship & Prayer

To fulfill our county-to-county mandate for Guilford County, we reconnected with a friend, Darrell Nicholson, in the latter part of 2015.  Darrell was immediately excited about our coming to Worship & Pray for his county;  he even asked us to expand our time there to include some training and we agreed. Continue reading February/March 2016 – Greensboro (Guilford County) & Strategic Warfare

October 2015 – Camp Sutton – “Dancing & Singing in the Rain” (Union County)

A New Day for Camp Sutton!

After six months of work and many signs of favor, the day for the Outreach in Union County had finally arrived.  The Outreach was designed to just be a launching point for follow-up work in the community that would be done by several churches and ministries.


Continue reading October 2015 – Camp Sutton – “Dancing & Singing in the Rain” (Union County)