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August 2015 -Prophesying Life Over Union County – Waxhaw, NC

Worship & Prayer Gathering, Saturday, August 29th

Return & Remember

After we entered into Worship & Praise, we opened up with testimonies from our recent prayer journey to Cane Ridge Meeting House in Paris, Kentucky and the three River churches in Logan County, Kentucky along with reading excerpts from a recently-discovered blog which highlighted a revelation on God’s formula for restoration.  The key similarities in our testimonies and that blog were the themes of Return, Remember, Repent, and then God would Restore.

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July 2015 – “Jesus is the Real Thing” – Union County

Releasing an Atmosphere of Heaven Over Union County

On July 31st, we held a Whirlwind of Glory Worship & Prayer Gathering at the Coca Cola Bottle Factory Venue in Historic Monroe.  The event center was a part of the 1927 Coca Cola Bottling Company and still has many of its original features. We loved the fact that it was in the historic district and that while we worshiped, we could actually see the historic courthouse where we held a strategic prayer outing a few months back.  Continue reading July 2015 – “Jesus is the Real Thing” – Union County

June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

In June, we more fully launched out into our County-to-County mandate from the Lord to release “A Whirlwind of Glory” through Worship and Prayer. I (Yvonne) had been joining Uptown Worship Nights for the past few months in their revival rallies at Trade & Tryon Streets, (Trade & Tryon Streets continue to be the two major crossroads of our city since its founding.)  What repeatedly stirred in my spirit was that people indeed are walking about as in “the days of Noah” as the Lord had prophesied; therefore my internal groaning for the harvest grew in intensity: Continue reading June/July 2015 – Epicentre at Uptown Charlotte – Mecklenburg County

May 2015 – New Hanover County

A Weekend at the River

We were invited by ONE Christian Network of Charlotte  to join ONE Christian Network of Wilmington for their Night of Worship on the River! And it was just glorious to be able to assist so we combined the trip with our mission to take the Whirlwind of Glory out to the counties as Wilmington is the county seat of New Hanover County.  Continue reading May 2015 – New Hanover County

May 2015 – Union County

Strategic Prayer Outing – Historic Monroe (County Seat)

Armed with research and accompanied by members of Life Church of Monroe, a small team met at the Historic Courthouse in Historic Monroe to pray over the past and future destiny of the county.

Union County was formed in 1842 and its count seat had to be located within two miles of its center and was to be named in honor of President James Monroe. The Historic Courthouse where we chose to meet was built in 1886 and it is considered the single most significant property representing the history and development of Union County and its County Seat, Monroe. Continue reading May 2015 – Union County

April 2015 – Union County

Training at Life Church of Monroe

Past Prayer at Life Church – courtesy of Life Church

Pastor Billy, Senior Pastor at Life Church of Monroe, was led by the Lord to start a Sunday evening prayer meeting. RHM Worship Leader Doris Norwood, a former member, was asked to lead worship for this prayer time. and a good company of members have been faithfully praying together on Sunday evenings for months. Continue reading April 2015 – Union County

May 2015 – Mecklenburg County

National Day of Prayer – “Revival Cries at Trade & Tryon” – Thursday, May 7, 2015

Prayer warriors bit by bit gathered at Trade & Tryon starting at 7:00 pm to participate in the National Day of Prayer. The gathering was sponsored by United Prayer (Scott Jensen) and hosted by Paul Gentilini of Go Bear Fruit/Uptown Worship Nights. We immediately saw the Lord’s hand in wanting to simply hear our hearts that night as we could not get any of the sound equipment to work. All the power lights were on but no sound. So we gathered around at the beginning with literally just 2 or 3 and the Lord’s presence showed up in our midst. (Paul confirmed that an equipment check later that night was completely successful.) Continue reading May 2015 – Mecklenburg County

April 2015 – Mecklenburg County

W&P Gathering – Praying for Persecuted Peoples! – Saturday, April 18, 2015

An internet definition search yielded the following:

Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering,  harassment,  isolation,  imprisonment,  internment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution.” Continue reading April 2015 – Mecklenburg County

March 2015 Gathering

Saturday, March 21, 2015 – The Bride of Christ: A Lioness Arising – Dangerous & Fully Awake!

We had been studying from Lisa Bevere’s teaching around the open vision and prophetic word the Lord gave her of a lioness at rest on a platform that had Numbers XXIII written across its front.  That visitation transformed Lisa from a behind the scenes housewife and mother to a force to be reckoned with across the globe.  Amongst other things, Lisa goes into the darkness of nations like Cambodia and Thailand to rescue women & children out of human trafficking. Likewise, The Lioness, the Bride of Christ, is being visited by the Lord with fresh vision of her identity and purpose – she is arising fully awake and dangerous to the kingdoms of this world!

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