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August 2016 – Shaking the Media Mountain – Hearst Tower Prayer Walk


Aligning Media with the Spirit of Truth

Written by Lisa Flynn

I had a dream…snakes

I had a dream about a snake being chased away but it left babies behind. This happened at the same time Roger Ailes was asked to step down from Fox News over charges of sexual harassment. I was concerned about one person leaving only to be replaced by many others just as bad. Then I found out Rupert Murdoch and his sons would be stepping in. Since Murdoch is not known for ethics I felt it was time to pray over the media again. Continue reading August 2016 – Shaking the Media Mountain – Hearst Tower Prayer Walk

Summer 2016 – Epicentre in Uptown Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) – Gender, Bathrooms & Love

Worship in the Spirit and in Truth

John 4:23, Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 

We held two Rebuilding an Altar of Fire Worship & Prayer Gatherings this summer (June and August) at the Epicentre in Uptown Charlotte. The very place seems to communicate that what makes you feel good is the center of everything.

Continue reading Summer 2016 – Epicentre in Uptown Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) – Gender, Bathrooms & Love

July 2016 – Gathering of Eagles Part 2 – Greensboro (Piedmont Triad)

Releasing the Strategies of Heaven

Why Greensboro and Piedmont Triad

RHM went to Greensboro back in February to release Worship & Prayer in Guilford County as a part of our “Go County to County” mandate from the Lord. We also were blessed to equip others from Greensboro as well as New Jersey and South Carolina in apostolic and prophetic intercession.

In preparation for what we called A Gathering of Eagles, we did some spiritual recon of the city and amongst other things we visited the Battlefield of Guilford Courthouse, the Civil Rights Museum,  and the statue of the Greensboro Four at NC A&T – we came to see how Greensboro had an “open portal for strategic warfare at a level that impacted our entire nation”.  Continue reading July 2016 – Gathering of Eagles Part 2 – Greensboro (Piedmont Triad)

This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!

Ascribe Unto the Lord the Glory due His Name – Psalm 29:2

Following My Passion to Talk about Jesus

On a visit  in July 2016  with my dear friends John & Camrin Harris,  the founders of  His Gates Church, I was sharing some of my stories with their leadership team and asked them to pray for RHM as we sought to release God’s strategic warfare plans through our upcoming outreach in Greensboro. One of their leaders was impressed that God had already set His strategies on our path. He encouraged us all to think about even what we loved to do as children and look for signs. They also encouraged me to share my stories through different media and so here we are: “This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!”  Continue reading This Is That: Makin’ It Plain!

Answered Prayer – Billy Graham Library Re-post from February 2014

Honoring Our Spiritual Fathers

Lou Engle and The Call are hosting an Azusa East Awakening Gathering/Encounter in Charlotte in 2018. Lou mentioned stepping into the mantle of Billy Graham. As I am sure for many  of us who live in the Charlotte Metro Region, this is an answer to prayer.

We are re-posting our Strategic Prayer Outing Report from February 2014. Continue reading Answered Prayer – Billy Graham Library Re-post from February 2014

Memorial Day: Honoring Our Fallen

We searched and searched our area’s event pages looking to participate in something that would honor our military during Memorial Day weekend. And alas, what we found were fun family days – carnivals, fairs, cookouts –  so we decided to do something.

Freedom Isn’t Free – May We Never Forget!

Our team gathered on Memorial Day at St. Mary’s Chapel in Charlotte as it shared location with the Mecklenburg County Vietnam Veterans Memorial and we offered up worship to our Lord and prayers for all those who served, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in all wars and during peace times,  and for their precious families.


Continue reading Memorial Day: Honoring Our Fallen

May 2016 – Greenville County SC – Releasing the Blessings of Generosity, Hospitality & Entrepreneurship

Paris Mountain and Reedy River

A Land of Generosity, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship

First these blessings flowed through the Cherokees to a settler named Richard Pearis – around 1770, he married a Cherokee woman and received 100,000 acres in the once-forbidden Cherokee Hunting Ground. In that land Pearis established a plantation on the Reedy River which is now downtown Greenville and built a couple of mills and a trading post – it is said he lived the life of a prince.

After the Revolutionary War, portions of the land changed hands a couple of times until 1815 when it was sold to Vardry McBee of Lincolnton, NC who became known as the father of Greenville. Although McBee was an absentee landlord, he understood how to grow a community. “He gave land for the first schools (the Greenville Male and Female Academies), for the first four churches (Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian), and he established a brick yard, rock quarry, and saw mill, in addition to corn and grist mills, a tannery, and a large general store. Seven miles south of town he built a paper factory and cotton and woolen mills. Alston’s former home became a boarding house for the summer visitors who were making the little village a summer resort.”  (Excerpt from Greenville

So we started our prayer journey at Paris Mountain named after Richard Pearis. Continue reading May 2016 – Greenville County SC – Releasing the Blessings of Generosity, Hospitality & Entrepreneurship

Haiti & The Center of It All – A New Song Arising!

 A New Song Arising: The Former “Voodoo Capital of the World”,  The Earthquake BUT Now The Spirit of the Lord  & The Beautiful Children of Haiti (“Ayiti”)!

2010 – Rock Slipping Upward under Léogâne ,  “The Voodoo Capital of the World”

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53 PM a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which was soon followed by aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude, left a country in ruins and a people in crisis.


“The earthquake was generated by contractional deformation along the Léogâne fault, a small hidden thrust fault discovered underneath the city of Léogâne. Many geologists contend that the earthquake resulted from the slippage of rock upward across its plane of fracture. Being so close to the epicentre, the city of Léogâne was essentially leveled.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

It was estimated that some three million people were affected by the quake—nearly one-third of the country’s total population. Death toll estimates ranged as high as 316,000, and it has been reported that tens of thousands of children were orphaned during or as a result of the after-effects of the earthquake.

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Rebuilding An Altar of Fire – What’s Coming Up!

Revelation – Power – Increase.

We are in a New Season in God’s Timing. On His calendar, we have just passed Pentecost where His Fire, His Glory, His Revelation is made manifest – first on Mount Sinai, then in the Upper Room, throughout the history of the Church with fresh outpourings, to NOW! We say “we believe and we agree Lord!”

Will you join with us as we rebuild an altar for His fire? Continue reading Rebuilding An Altar of Fire – What’s Coming Up!

February/March 2016 – Greensboro (Guilford County) & Strategic Warfare

A Gathering of Eagles, Part 1:  Equipping for Apostolic/Prophetic Worship & Prayer

To fulfill our county-to-county mandate for Guilford County, we reconnected with a friend, Darrell Nicholson, in the latter part of 2015.  Darrell was immediately excited about our coming to Worship & Pray for his county;  he even asked us to expand our time there to include some training and we agreed. Continue reading February/March 2016 – Greensboro (Guilford County) & Strategic Warfare