November 2015 – Gaston County and The Catawba River!

Prophesying Freedom & Restoration to The River in Gaston County

Welcome Holy Spirit!  Welcome River of God! Welcome Shalom of God!

Back in June after I (Yvonne) booked The Nest in Gastonia for this Gathering, I drove back home through that city via Highway 74  – I could feel the heaviness, the depression in the area as I traveled street-to-street –  I especially sensed a spiritual murkiness when I crossed over the Catawba River via the lower bridge.  So I made note of it and before this Gathering, I did research on the Catawba River. 

I found that the river basin area in Gaston County was a place of commerce, war and power. The River begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains  to the west and extends down through South Carolina. The Catawba Indians lived there and they were business people – the River bore many  trade routes for them.  Also, many battles were fought around and on the River including  the Revolutionary and Civil Wars; and many dams for textile mills and other industries including Duke Power were built along the River.

Over the years, contamination from the various industries and from the power plants along with the run offs from construction and parking lots have impacted the water quality of the River. And the overall  population growth in the basin area along with increasingly common drought conditions have put severe strains on the River.  So much so that in 2013, the Catawba River was named the fifth most endangered river in the United States.  I felt that this was all a prophetic sign of the spiritual condition of the area as well. And what was needed was a move through the county of the fresh and living River of God – come Holy Spirit!

The only resisting force in the earth – Holy Spirit!

Chuck Pierce prophesied the Sunday prior to our Gathering:

“We are in war. Without the restraining force of Holy Spirit being present, the enemy has access. Here’s a difference in this war now – the enemy will find a way in if Holy Spirit does not set up a wall of resistance through us. Understand that… We are in a new movement where a triumphant people has to rise up. … You can’t have sanctuary just by going to church…we must stay alert in Holy Spirit. … We must understand the only resisting force in the earth – it’s not being religious, it’s not going to church. It’s Holy Spirit amongst us. Whether you are at Wal-mart, whether you are at a movie, whether you are at a gathering, a football game – Holy Spirit must be present with you. Holy Spirit, we welcome you and we say we ask you to forgive us for quenching you. We ask you to forgive the church for resisting you. We thank You that you are ready to move again in the earth.”

Prophetic Prayers:
  • Prayed for healing of the river. Lisa F. saw that a non-profit organization was needed to watch over the river – and indeed there is one: the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. So we prayed for that organization – for provision, for favor, for strength!
  • Prayed for outpouring of Holy Spirit – the Living River of God – and for an awakening throughout the county.
  • Prayed for families and marriages.
  • Prayed for colleges and high schools – prayed that revival would spring forth through the students on every campus.
  • Prayed for those struggling with mental health issues and depression,
  • Prayed for the economy –  decreed fresh business ideas, new industries springing up. Declared that “dreams and wells are being uncovered”. And we asked the Lord to send laborers who would teach people how to dream again.
  • Came against oppression, violence and high crime rate. We loosed the shalom of God.
  • Thanked the Lord for a past history of racial harmony.
  • Came against the spirit of religion from past discords including those that were legislated. Prayed for good government. Prayed for churches and ministries and in particular, Anchor Family Church who were just beginning to hold their Sunday services @ The Nest.
Impressions and Prophetic Acts:
  • Kevin decreed Isaiah 43:5 -10 over the harvest, even going outside to shout to the north, south, east and west to give up His sons and daughters.
  • Decreed and danced the turn around for Gaston County.
  • Rock concert scheduled in same main venue which may have caused conflict in spiritual high places as well as with noise levels was cancelled as we loaded in.
  • We earnestly prayed for a missing loved one and they came out of the shadows and was restored back to family members before the next morning!