December 2015 – Lake Norman and The Catawba River

Rolling on The River: Decreeing Healing & Restoration to The Catawba River!

As a follow-up to our Staking Our Future Worship & Prayer Gathering held in Gaston County where we focused on the endangered Catawba River, we decided to pray for the River while on the River. The Lord pointed us towards Lake Norman, the closest head water in our area, where the River takes a turn South from its origin in Western NC (Blue Ridge Mountains). Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake off the River and is home to three different types of dams. 

Heavy Fog Shifted to All Aboard!

Fog rolled in that morning and we felt it was a prophetic sign for the condition of the River – hidden things that hindered the true vision and purposes of the Lord from coming forth. We joined together in prayer to push the fog back as the Catawba Queen could not otherwise go out. And the Lord intervened – our Catawba Queen Captain gave an “All Aboard” call right on time to just our party of four mighty warriors!

The Earth is the Lord’s!

As we listened to our Captain give details about the small portion of the Lake we were touring, we released prayers for Lake Norman, The Catawba River and the counties that received life from her – whether through water, power, food, recreation or other means. We decreed that the Lake and the River belonged to the Lord and to His Kingdom. We prayed for Duke Energy and its leadership – for righteousness to always prevail – Duke “owns” most of the land in the area. We prayed about the businesses and families that had been displaced in the creation of the Lake. We prayed about the conditions of the River – water quality, water level and more – in 2013, the Catawba River was 5th on the endangered river list. We thanked the Lord for His supply and we repented for not being good stewards.  We prayed for organizations like the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation – for favor, provision, laborers, etc.

We also came against exclusivity, isolation, greed, haughtiness, jealousy, envy and spiritual wickedness in high places! We took authority over the atmosphere over, in and around the Lake as well as up & down the River.  We asked the Lord to heal and restore the natural River as we prayed for an outpouring of the Spiritual River of God: Holy Spirit, you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere – in every home, every family, every boat, every business!

Prophetic Acts

We did several prophetic acts to bless and heal the River – salt, anointing oil and a huge key – Isaiah 22:22:

Decreeing an open door to Healing, Restoration & Life, and that only the Lord’s plans and purposes shall go forth! We shut the door to all the plans of the enemy! We unlock the mysteries of the deep and unearth her hidden treasures for the Glory of the Lord!

Some fun – Captains for a minute!

The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength – He created beauty for us!