May 2015 – Wilkes County

RHM Retreat near Moravian Falls

The Moravians

RHM Leaders met for a weekend of refreshing and planning for the new season we had entered into.  A part of our preparation was to pray again into the Moravian roots of Wilkes County and those ties to our calling.

We also planned to visit Bob Jones’ gravesite as a prophetic act of honor for his ministry of love and the prophecy/vision of the harvest that the Lord gave him.

Bob Jones and his last prophecy

Bob went home to be with the Lord on February 14, 2014. Doris and I had gone to a Ray Hughes conference at the end of January 2014 called “The Next Step” where Bob was supposed to speak. Bob did not make that conference as he had broken his leg and fell. He told Ray that he was well able to minister without him as he (Bob) would not be taking the next step.

Bob Jones had a vision and word about the Lord saving a billion souls in one major swoop and that he would be a part of training some of the leaders.  An excerpt from Bob’s last published prophecy:

What He’s doing right now in the church is uniting whosoever will with one another. Because these weapons that’s being released cannot be handled by one person. It will take teams to handle them and usually teams consist of about twelve people. These teams will be united with one purpose in mind and when they go to war they will make decrees and declarations according to the heart of the Father. These decrees will be established according to the will of the Father. (Job 22:28)

You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways.

Ministry of Peacemakers

This is what I see; the blooming of the apple tree will be our blooming in the spirit and worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth. It’s our human soul making peace by the knowledge of the Truth. It’s bringing the soul in submission to the spirit and allowing the spirit man to be in control of our conscience (actions, deeds and thoughts). Then the body will understand the Father’s divine nature; love. He loves you! Scripture plainly shows that God loves us; it’s His nature because He is LOVE. (1 John 4:8) The peacemakers’ entire nature will be characterized by His love and love will be the fruit they bear.

After we visited Bob’s gravesite, we spent some time in fellowship with precious prayer warriors from Morning Star Fellowship who we happened to meet there at the Welcome Center.

Pastor Mario Brammick and The Glory of God

Later that night, we watched Pastor Mario Brammick’s message about the Glory of God from the  Passover Celebration at Glory of Zion:

Mario-BrammickThe Lord is shifting us into a move of his glory.  In Hebrew – kavod – manifest heavy presence of God.  It’s different than the anointing – the empowerment of man to heal the sick, preach with boldness, save, deliver, raise the dead.  The kavod is God himself.  The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.  In the glory realm – God is omnipresent everywhere, but his manifest presence comes where he is honored, where he is worshiped for his is the kingdom, his is the power, his is the glory.

The glory belongs to Israel (Rom 9).  Solomon saw the glory. Moses cried out for the glory.  David said we’ve got to restore the ark back to Jerusalem.  … I believe this is the day for former rain and latter rain together.  In the Old Testament,  there was a corporate glory that a whole nation was saved… And in the New Testament, most miracles were individuals.  But God says as we go back and understand the former glory of Israel …I am releasing the former and latter rain together in this day.

The Lord gave me a word about this season.  This is an end time dispensation of glory revealed to Moses in burning bush. The glory was in the cloud and fire.  The glory came down on Mt. Sinai. Children of Israel gathered around the cloud, not around religion. The deliverance we need in this day can only come through the manifest presence of God.

Intercessor …this is your season, this is your time.  Get on the wall!  The Body of Christ is being set free from old Egyptian cycles of bondage into the birthing of sons in all their glory. We need the glory of Israel as well as glory of the church. We are moving from deliverance and anointing into the cloud of his glory… As we hear the sound in midst of the fire, follow it.

He said I’m going to write the new warfare plans for this new season.  A glory warfare arising not by power, not by might, but by my Spirit. Don’t listen to what anybody says anymore – listen to what God says.  You can’t go wrong when you heard the sound from heaven, and you listen and obey the sound.

ISA 52:11-12 “Depart from there, you who carry the vessels of the Lord.  Go out of the midst of her. Purify yourself but you will not go out in haste. Nor will you go out as fugitives.  For the Lord will go before you and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.”  God allowed  a pharaoh to arise in Egypt. God, not satan, hardened pharaoh’s heart. Because children of Israel had become complacent and compromised and comfortable in Egypt.  God said no that is not your place.  Much of the church has been comfortable in Egypt.  God says no longer… God raised a pharaoh to take them out of conformity and move them into promised land. With great judgment he delivered and birthed nation of Israel.  And with judgments in this land the spirit of pharaoh is coming down. The church shall arise.  Arise.  Arise

Going forth with His Fire and under His Cloud!

And with that message, we journeyed forth the next day to Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls for some final worship and prayer. What a great way to launch forth – county to county, releasing the Glory of the Lord in a whirlwind of worship & praise – with His fire and under His cloud!